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Fast CAT Track Rental

Fast CAT Track Rental

SKU: 364215376135191

Our track is available for rental at certain times during the week. All lure equipment necessary to run an AKC Fast CAT event is included in rental price. Organizations or individuals that are interested in reserving a time should contact Mark Avellino at 386-956-5169 prior to paying for the track rental. Price shown is for 1 hour rental.


NOTE: All individuals that will be operating the lure must be checked out on the equipment and be familiar with the track prior to renting the course.

  • FCAT Track Specifications

    Length: 410 feet

    Width: 9.5 feet

    Fencing: 47 inch field fencing and orange debris fencing

    Machine: Wicked Coursing L'il Monster full loop system

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