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Fast CAT

The thrill of the hunt!

Fast CAT (100 Yard Dash) is a relatively new sport introduced by the AKC that showcases the running skills of dogs. Fast CAT stands for Fast Coursing Ability Test. Up until Fast CAT was introduced, the shortest lure coursing test the AKC offered was a circular course 300 yards long. That's a good distance to run and not all dogs were able to do that. It also meant you needed a lot of open space in which to set-up a course.

Fast CAT is much simpler. The dogs chase a lure down a straight, 100 yard course. The track doesn't have to be fenced-in but most are. The dog's time to run the course is converted into MPH and then AKC points are assigned to the dog based on its size handicap. Dogs are measured at their shoulders. Shorter than 12 inches multiply their speed by 2. Dogs between 12 inches and 18 inches multiply their speed by 1.5. All the dogs 18 inches or taller get the same amount of points as their speed. So a dog under 12 inches would get 50 points if it ran the track at 25 MPH. A medium sized dog would get 37.5 points and a large dog would get 25 points. Dogs must be at least one year old to compete in AKC Fast CAT events.



The AKC titles you can earn are:

BCAT (150 points)
DCAT (500 points)
FCAT (1000 points)

Of course, all of that only matters if you are chasing AKC titles.

Whether or not you are trying to rack up AKC titles, letting your dog run free of all restraints for 100 yards is an exhilarating experience for your dog. For a brief moment they are completely consumed with their natural instinct to chase an object in motion. It truly is an uplifting experience to watch your dog chase the lure down the track. It doesn't matter how fast they get down the track, just knowing they are totally wrapped up in the moment is worth all the effort involved in making it happen.

Fast CAT in Action !

Our Track

It's one of a kind!

A lot of love went into building this custom track. It's just over 410 feet long and 9.5 feet wide. Field fencing is stretched along the sides with orange debris fencing attached to minimize distractions as the dogs chase the lure.

And the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. This track is lit so even at night, the dogs keep running. It's the kind of night life every dog dreams about.

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