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Event Updates

September 18-20, 2020

WVKC Fast CAT - 6 events

Volusia County Fairgrounds, DeLand

[Update: 9/1/20]

Due to the planned venue becoming unavailable for the original dates, DSU was advised that the West Volusia Kennel Club will not be holding their Annual Dog Show on the weekend of the 19th and 20th. While the club looks into rescheduling and/or relocating their show, we have been told that the Fast CAT events can still be held on that weekend if we can find an alternate location.

We are trying to find another venue that we can switch to. Unfortunately, we only have a short period of time to make all the necessary arrangements. The events may or may not be for the full three days and six events. That will depend on the availability of the venue.

A final decision regarding the rescheduling of the events will be made no later than 6:00 PM Monday the 7th.

Options available for everyone that has purchased event tickets:

  • If the events are relocated but held on he same days as advertised, everything will proceed with a simple venue change.

  • If the events can't be rescheduled or 

       If the events are rescheduled on new dates and you are unable to attend. Here are your options:

  1. Apply your advance entries towards other scheduled events.

  2. Receive credit towards any future events.

  3. Receive a refund.


Those with questions or are seeking refunds should contact us at


Updates will be posted on this web page as we get more information to share.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. We know how frustrating this is to all of you. We haven't run a Fast CAT since January and we were so much looking forward to seeing everyone at the track. Hopefully we can still make this happen.




Mark Avellino

[Update: 9/3/20]

After scouting out a number of potential venues, it looks like we may have found a place that will work. The venue is available the same weekend that the show was originally scheduled. It's located in New Smyrna Beach (close to Samsula) which is about a 15 - 20 minute drive from the Fairgrounds. The only question now is whether we will be able to get it for three days or just the weekend. 

I will keep everyone posted as I get more information but as of now, things are looking good for some Fast CAT fun in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for all your patience while we work through this.


Mark Avellino

[Update: 9/5/20]

Here's the final word on the events.

We're running three days, 18 - 20th with two events each day. Check in time and all the rest of that kind of stuff remains the same. The new location is at 3730 Lettuce Ln New Smyrna Beach.


On Monday I will be notifying the AKC of the change in location and then everything will be a go for the events.

Nothing like shaking things up a little bit right at the last minute. Luckily we got it all sorted out and we'll be running dogs in less than two weeks.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See you soon.

Mark Avellino

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