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Fast CAT Camp

Saturday is Fast CAT Night

Every Saturday night Dog Sports Unlimited holds a Fast CAT camp. Many local Fast CAT enthusiasts bring their dogs out to keep them fit and proficient at the sport. We also have lots of folks that come out for the first time to let their dog have a go at it. The dogs love it and its a great way to socialize your dog while at the same time safely letting them get some much needed exercise.

What is Fast CAT?

Fast CAT is a relatively new sport introduced by the AKC that showcases the running skills of dogs. Fast CAT stands for Fast Coursing Ability Test. Up until Fast CAT was introduced, the shortest lure coursing test the AKC offered was an oval course 300 yards long. That's a good distance to run and not all dogs were able to do that. It also meant you needed a lot of open space in which to set-up a course. 

Fast CAT is much simpler. The dogs chase a lure down a straight, 100 yard course. The track doesn't have to be fenced-in but most are. The dog's time to run the course is converted into MPH and then points are assigned to the dog based on its size handicap. Dogs shorter than 12 inches multiply their speed by 2. Dogs between 12 inches and 18 inches multiply their speed by 1.5. All the dogs 18 inches or taller get the same amount of points as their speed. So a dog under 12 inches would get 50 points if it ran the track at 25 MPH. A medium sized dog would get 37.5 points and a large dog would get 25 points.

The titles you can earn are:


BCAT (150 points)

DCAT (500 points)

FCAT (1000 points)

Of course, all of that only matters if you are chasing AKC titles. Whether or not you are trying to rack up AKC titles, letting your dog run free of all restraints for 100 yards is an exhilarating experience for your dog. For a brief moment they are completely consumed with their natural instinct to chase an object in motion. It truly is an uplifting experience to watch your dog chase the lure down the track. It doesn't matter how fast they get down the track, just knowing they are totally wrapped up in the moment is worth any and all effort involved in making it happen.


What better way to treat your dog to a special evening then to bring them out to DSU and let them burn off some of that pent-up energy they've been building up all week. Give your dog something to look forward to. Bring them out to the track and let them connect with their inner dog. You'll have a blast and your dog will love you forever for doing it.

Gates open Saturdays at 7:30 PM except when we are on location elsewhere running a Fast CAT event for a local club. Check our Fast CAT Camp schedule for more details.

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